Economic Incentives


Jackson County Government has worked within governmental regulations to enhance opportunities for, and in support of, local commerce.

Concrete examples of what’s already been accomplished include the construction of the new airport terminal and freight ramp/facility, the creation of the Foreign Trade Zone, the completion of Urban Renewal, which provided $84 million in infrastructure development, and the genesis and management of Enterprise Zones that offer tax incentives for business.

Jackson County will continue to tackle the challenging questions and enact the necessary policy and programs to encourage business and industry in Southern Oregon. Please contact our Quick Response Team and let us know how we can help.

The mission of the Medford Urban Renewal Agency (MURA) is to prevent deterioration and depreciating values in areas within the Agency's jurisdiction, and in the process, attract aesthetically pleasing, job producing private investments that will improve and stabilize property values and protect the area's historic worth.
The Jackson County Enterprise Zone provides property tax exemptions on certain types of capital investments when new jobs are created. This program is tailored primarily to manufacturing and other industrial oriented facilities serving other businesses. The property tax exemption lasts three years, but may be extended, to up to five years. The Enterprise Zone overlay covers commercially and industrially zoned areas in the Cities of Rogue River and Prospect, White City and an area around the Interstate 5, Exit #35, commonly referred to as the Tolo area. See Jackson County's Enterprise Zones.

The City of Medford offers an additional incentive to those businesses in, or choosing to locate in, the City's Enterprise Zone - the Electronic Commerce incentive. This incentive is tailored to companies doing 51 percent or more of their business via the internet. Qualifying businesses may receive up to a 25 percent income tax credit. See the City of Medford's Enterprise Zones.