Oregon Laws

Oregon Revised Statutes
  • Chapters 801 through 818 contain the bulk of the Vehicle Code. 
  • Chapter 811 covers rules of the road.  
  • Chapters 825 and 826 deal with Commercial Motor Carriers. 
This link also has "annotations" of Oregon cases and Attorney General Opinions which discuss specific statutes: www.oregonlegislature.gov

Marijuana PossessionThe Justice Court has jurisdiction over tickets for the violation of Possession of Less Than One Ounce of Marijuana by persons under 21 ORS 475B.316. Other violations regarding marijuana which may be cited into Justice Court include Possession of More Than One Ounce of Marijuana in Public by persons 21 and older, Marijuana MIP, Use of Marijuana in a Public Place, and Homegrown marijuana in Public View. These are Class B violations with a $265.00 presumptive fine amount.

It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public, if you are under 21, or while driving. See https://whatslegaloregon.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Minor in PossessionMinor in Possession of Alcohol (MIP) is a Class B violation under Oregon law (ORS 471.430). Possession of alcohol can be proven by facts showing that the defendant had physical possession, constructive possession, or possession by consumption (breath) of alcohol. The presumptive fine amount is $265 and requires attendance to Victims Impact Panel.

Oregon's Cell Phone LawORS 811.507

  • Any electronic device use while driving must be "hands free." Holding a device is a violation. Activation is permitted if the cell phone is mounted use is hands free.
  • There is no traffic school diversion for a violation. 1st offense after 7/1/18 = $265; 2nd offense or cause an accident = $440; 3rd offense in 10 years = $2,000 fine.