The Cartography program maintains property lines, ownership records and taxing district boundaries within Jackson County. Cartographers also review annexation request, review and approve subdivision and partition plats, processes name suppression request and create aerial maps with tax lot boundaries.  To contact Cartography program directly e-mail or 541-774-6095.
Additional Services Include:
Annexations - Review and approval of annexation into a Rural Fire Protection District, fees required.
Certification of Charges Paid - HB 2127 effective October 5, 2015 requires certification from Assessor's Office on the legal description before recording can occur verifying all outstanding tax charges, special assessment and fees are current on an entity whose property is exempt from taxation.
Consolidations – All property taxes must be paid before Cartographers will verify ownership and begin paperwork, fees required. Download Consolidation Form.
Death Certificates – If recorded, Cartography does not require a copy; if not recorded, provide a copy at our office.
Divorce – A copy of the entire divorce decree with judge’s signature is required.
Marriage – Marriage certificate is required to change marital last name.  To add a new spouse, contact a title company to record a legal document/deed.
Name Changes after Death – Provide legal document to our office; no wills are accepted.  Contact a circuit court or title company for assistance with probate or affidavit of small estate.
Name Suppression - Public Safety Officers may request to have their names removed from the assessment ownership records. Application and fee required. Download Public Safety Officer Nondisclosure Application.
Situs Address Changes – Contact our office if your physical property address appears incorrect on our records.
Split Existing Lots or Property Line Adjustments – Contact Development Services (Planning Department) and provide a revised legal description.  A title company or surveyor can provide assistance.
Subdivision and Partition Plat Approval - Submit a paper copy including all pages of the plat for review after the appropriate Development Services (Planning Department) approval.  Fee required.
Tax Statement Address Changes Change mailing address, contact Treasury and Taxation Office.
Trusts – To change ownership in or out of a trust, seek assistance with a title company or attorney.