Floodplain Maps

Jackson County adopted FEMA’s Flood Insurance Rate Map panels, or FIRM Panels, in April of 1982. These maps  are periodically revised by FEMA and adopted by Jackson County. This provides the basis for determining if a property is within the Special Flood Hazard Area, what type of hazard area, and to determine what development regulations apply.

Jackson Interactive MappingJackson County also has floodplain overlay maps available through the mapping tool Jackson Interactive Mapping (JIM).
To access this tool go to http://www.jacksoncounty.org/jim.

Click on Development Overlays.
On the right had side click the check box for FEMA Flood Zones.
Type in a property address in the search box and click the magnifying glass.

The map will focus on the property. Floodplain zones are shaded different colors, and the designation can be determined by clicking on the layer and opening a small info box. This will identify the FIRM Panel number, the flood zone, the effective date and the last update.

Additional information is available  to view regarding hazards by property as well as floodplain information. Mapped hazards such as wildfire hazard areas, steep slopes and expansive soils are all available for review through this mapping tool. These additional hazards may require additional review or other agencies. If there is a layer on the map you have questions about, you can contact Jackson County Planning for additional information.

The hard copy FIRM panels are also available at the Jackson County Development Services office upon request as well. If assistance is needed Jackson County Planning also maintains the Digital FIRM panels  and can provide assistance, map printouts and additional information regarding development in a specific flood zone.