Current & Upcoming Land Use Hearings

Open Projects are currently being reviewed by County staff, or are being considered by the County's Planning Commission or Board of Commissioners.

* "TBD" means to be determined
   "LUBA" means appealed to the Land Use Board of Appeals
Jackson County Planning Commission Land Use Hearings
Fellows Zone Change and 34 Lot Subdivision
Project Name: Fellows Zone Change and 34 Lot Subdivision
File Number: 439-23-00008-LRP and concurrent 439-23-00024-SUB
Applicant: Jay Harland, CSA Planning Ltd.
Property Owner: Bob Fellows Construction and Ray & Debra Kniffen
Project Description: Consideration of a proposed Minor Zoning Map Amendment to rezone three parcels (totaling 7.97 acres) and a portion of the adjoining right-of-way (0.63 acres) from White City Urban Residential-6 (WCUR-6) to White City Urban Residential-8 (WCUR-8) and a Concurrent Subdivision application to subdivide Tax Lot 800 into 34 lots to create the new Falcon Landing.
Project Location: 7922 Wilson Way and along Avenue E between Wilson Way and Timberline Road, White City, OR  97503; T36S-R1W–S16DC–Lots 800, 1200, 1201.
Staff Contact: Dawn Rittiman, Planner, 541-774-6922
Next Hearing: December 14, 2023 at 9:00 AM
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