About Us

What we do:File criminal cases that have been submitted to us by a police agency.
Represent the people of the State of Oregon in Court by prosecuting people who violate the state’s criminal laws both felonies and misdemeanors.
Present criminal cases to the Grand Jury; prepare and present cases in Circuit Court.
Help victims of crime by keeping them informed of the case progress, arranging for an opportunity to be heard in court, and obtaining restitution orders.
Issue, modify and enforce child support orders consistent with State guidelines and monitor payments of child support obligations.
Prosecute juvenile offenders and handle dependency case in Juvenile Court.

What we don’t do:Represent defendants charged with a crime.
We cannot give citizens general legal advice.  You must consult a private attorney for those matters. Referrals can be obtained from the Oregon State Bar.
Investigate criminal cases.  You must report crimes to the police agency with jurisdiction, the District Attorney’s office does not investigate cases, gather evidence or interview witnesses.
The Jackson County District Attorney’s office is comprised of a team of professionals that work closely with police agencies, community partners, the court and the public to protect the health, safety and   wellbeing of the citizens of Jackson County.   The staff consists of lawyers, victim services advocates, child support case managers and legal assistants. 

The Jackson County District Attorney’s Office contributes to the County’s public safety network as a member of the Local Public Safety Coordinating Council, Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Investigation Team, the Multidisciplinary Elder Abuse team, the Sexual Assault Response Team, the Juvenile Advisory Board,  Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement, Domestic Violence Council, Sex Offender Treatment providers, Adult Drug Court, Recovery Opportunity Court, Community Family Court, Law Enforcement Agency Heads, Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit,  Southern Oregon Financial Fraud and Securities Team,  and  Oregon Homicide Investigator’s Association.  We are committed to making Jackson County a safe place to live.


The Mission of the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office is to uphold the laws and Constitution of the State of Oregon and the United States Constitution, to vigorously and impartially prosecute crimes, to preserve the safety of the public, to protect the rights of crime victims, to hold offenders accountable for criminal conduct and to pursue justice for all with skill, honor and integrity.