De-Title/Re-Title a Manufactured Home

De-titling is the process for legally combining the manufactured home with the land. It is often required by lenders before financing. Also referred to as "Exempt from Title". 

Re-titling is the severing of the manufactured home from the land.  

Whether the home is being de-titled or re-titled, a lot book not more the 7 days old will be required from a title company. This is a fairly complex process that can be completed by a title company.

Fees to De-title or Re-title:

  1. Recording Fee: Paid to Recording when documents are recorded to de-title or re-title.  Check with Recording office for current fees: 541-774-6152. 
  2. If ownership is changing - Manufactured Structure Ownership Change fee: $114.00.  
  3. De-Title and Re-Title Review Fee:  $47.00
  4. Title Company Lot Book Report if Re-Titling the home. (AKA "Lien Report"). Check with Title Company for fee.  No report is needed to De-Title the home.
Forms needed to Re-Title:

Forms needed to De-Title (Exempt from Title):

  • MS County Tax Certification Form (Contact our office 541-774-6541).
  • Application for recording manufactured home as real property- form 5176
  • If a NEW HOME, you will need to supply something to show ownership, like a certificate of origin.