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Mission Statement
To protect the safety of the public, promote animal welfare, and encourage the humane treatment of companion animals through service, education, and enforcement. 

Respond to Public Safety Emergencies
Animal Control responds to calls concerning dangerous and aggressive dogs and animal bites to humans. We provide quarantine observation of animals involved with bites to humans.

Rescue Of Pets in Emergency
We respond to help injured, sick, and neglected pets which have been hit in traffic, poisoned, shot, abandoned, suffering from disease, or starving. We enforce humane regulations for the care and treatment of all animals.

Mediation of Neighborhood Disputes Caused By Pets
The presence of companion animals in our community can induce emotionally charged disputes in any neighborhood. Unfortunately, many pet owners find it troublesome to properly confine their pets, keep them quiet, keep them from breeding, and provide proper care. The result is increased annoyance, aggravation, and friction between neighbors. Often times Animal Control intervention is needed to mediate a solution, enforce animal control regulations, enforce humane treatment of animals, and investigate livestock damage or chasing complaints involving dogs. Our goal is to aid with solutions and to restore peace to the neighborhood.

Shelter and Care of Pets
Thousands of lost, stray, abandoned, and unwanted animals end up becoming "Wards" of the community. Your County Animal Shelter provides humane compassionate care for these pets. We operate programs to return as many as possible to owners as well as to place as many as possible in responsible new homes. Unfortunately we cannot be “miracle workers ".  Some terminally ill or injured animals, and those that are considered too dangerous to put back out into the community, cannot be saved. Due to this reality we also operate a humane euthanasia program.

Pet Licensing/Regulation Compliance
Dog license
Dog Licenses are required by law; any dog, anywhere in the county.
Cat License
Cat licenses are voluntary in Jackson County. Animal control enforces dog licensing and encourages cat licensing. Both ensure the pet is protected from contracting or spreading rabies. It also provides identification and aids in returning pets to owners.

Our officers respond to thousands of nuisance and problem dog complaints each year. Many times dog owners are cited for violations because they don't know or follow animal regulations. Do you know the laws and Regulations? See Animal Control Regulations for more information.

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