Living with HIV

If you have HIV, it's important to make choices that keep you healthy and protect others. This section answers some of the most common questions about HIV treatment, stigma, family planning, and more.

I was just diagnosed with HIV. What do I do?
Give yourself time to process your emotions and learn about HIV, then prioritize treatment. It is crucial to find HIV care and start treatment. Starting HIV treatment as soon as possible can make your viral load undetectable and help you stay engaged in care. You can begin treatment as soon as your healthcare provider recommends.

Get connected to care
It is important to get connected to care as soon as possible. You can call the Jackson County Public Health Department at: (541)-774-8209 and ask about getting connected to care. You can also contact HIV Alliance by visiting their website: Welcome - HIV Alliance or calling: (541) 342-5088.

Get signed up for CAREAssist. CAREAssist is a Program under the Oregon Health Authority responsible for administrating Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). CAREAssist provides access to life-saving medications used to treat Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and improve the overall health of people living with HIV who have limited resources or no health insurance coverage.

Visit the OHA CAREAssist website to access the forms and application CAREAssist Forms and Application. Call 971-673-0144 or email for help with your case.

The Bridge Program may be able to assist you while you are applying for CAREAssist.
Individuals who are not yet members of CAREAssist and need coverage for prescription medications related to their HIV care may be eligible for up to a 30-day supply through the Bridge Program. This program can also assist with medical visits and lab work necessary to determine appropriate HIV treatment regimens.