Resources for Parents

Marijuana and Law in Oregon
The passage of Oregon Ballot Measure 91 legalized the personal use of marijuana by adults aged 21 and over beginning on July 1, 2015. While use and possession of a small amount of marijuana by adults is legal, there are still limits.

  • You can possess and use recreational marijuana if you are 21 and older. If you are younger, ITS ILLEGAL.
  • You can possess up to 8 oz of usable marijuana in your home & 1 oz of usable marijuana outside of the home.
  • Driving under the influence of marijuana remains illegal. Please be responsible.
  • You can use recreational marijuana at home or on private property. PUBLIC USE IS ILLEGAL.
Some aspects of the law are still being determined, it is important to stay up to date. The links below will provide more information on recreational marijuana.

Resources for Parents
What Parents Can Do

Talk to your kids about marijuana and other drugs.

  • Start early! Talk often. Kids who use marijuana often start in their early teens. In Oregon, about 15% of 8th graders and 40% of 11th graders report having tried marijuana.1 Parents should start an ongoing conversation about drugs before kids start middle school.
  • Express a no use attitude. Children are more likely to use marijuana if their parents are supportive of marijuana use.
  • Be positive. Be attentive, curious, respectful and understanding. Shame, anger, scare tactics or disappointment will be counter-productive.
  • Give your child ways to say no to marijuana and other drugs. Ideas include role play, helping your child find words to refuse drug offers, and letting your child know its fine to walk away from someone, including a friend, who is offering drugs.
  • Help your child deal with emotions. Especially during the teen years, many young people face strong emotions for the first time. Teens sometimes get depressed or anxious and might consider drug use to try to escape these feelings and forget problems. Explain that everyone has these feelings at times, so it is important for each person to learn how to express his feelings, cope with them, and face stressors in healthy ways that can help prevent or resolve problems.
  • Get a professional evaluation. If you think your child is using drugs, tell your child's doctor your exact concerns. Your child's doctor can help.\
Additional Resources Proper Storage of MarijuanaIf you choose to use marijuana, it is best to store it in a place that is locked up or not accessible to children or teens. If you use edibles it is especially important to keep them carefully secured because it can be easy for a young person to mistake the edibles for regular food or candy. It is best to not use marijuana when you are around children and teens.

Youth StatisticsHow Common is Marijuana Use by Youth?

While it can seem like everyone is using marijuana, most teens living in Jackson County actually do not use marijuana!

In 2014, 90% of 8th graders and 78% of 11th graders in Jackson County had not used marijuana in the last 30 days.

Most teens living in Jackson County also choose not to try marijuana. In 2014, 83% of 8th graders and 53% of 11th graders living in Jackson County had never tried marijuana.1

  1. Oregon Health Authority: Addictions & Mental Health Division. (2014). Oregon Student Wellness Survey: Jackson County.