Resources for Quitting Tobacco

img-smoke-free-oregon-350-450-p-C-97The Quit Line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Oregon Tobacco Quit Line is a free and confidential program that helps people quit tobacco.

Talk or chat online with an expert Quit Coach who knows what you are going through and will help you make a Quit Plan that will work for you.
The Quit Line will send you materials chosen just for you or you can access the Quit Line library online
Ask for support. Tell your family and friends about your Quit Plan or join the Quit Line message boards online and connect with others quitting tobacco.
Receive two weeks of nicotine patches and/or gum to help you get started with your quit (if eligible).
If you ever need more help, call the Quit Line again for FREE!

For Healthcare Providers:The Quit Line is a reliable referral resource for your patients or clients who use tobacco or nicotine products. Research indicates that provider referral of patients to tobacco cessation programs is associated with a significantly higher participation rate than simply telling patients they should quit.

All health systems and organizations can:
  • Ask every patient or client if they use tobacco.
  • Advise them to quit.
  • Refer them to cessation resource
For resources and information about how to make referrals to the Oregon Tobacco Quit Line, visit the SmokeFreeOregon website here: Referral Resources


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