Foreign Travel Vaccination Services

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Jackson County Public Health Immunization Clinic offers consultation for foreign travel vaccinationsA  consultation for foreign travel vaccinations is an office visit with a Registered Nurse. The nurse will review the Traveler Vaccine Screening Form and medical history and then will provide recommendations on: immunizations, insect/mosquito avoidance, food/water safety, altitude illness, etc. At this time, drugs to prevent malaria are not prescribed by Jackson County Public Health. The length and complexity of the travel will determine the level of billing for the travel consultation fee. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of the consultation and/or foreign travel immunizations. Individuals are responsible for paying for the travel consultation, administration fees and immunization(s), that cannot be billed or are not covered by health insurance, at the time of the travel consultation and vaccination appointments. 

Traveler Vaccine Consultation Fee (fees updated as of 8/2/23 and fees are per person):

Low complexity --------------------------------- $79.00

Moderate complexity-------------------------- $140.00

High complexity------------------------------- $201.00

*Vaccines and vaccine administration fees are not included in the price of the travel consultation!

Scheduling a Foreign Travel Vaccination Consultation Appointment
  1. Download and fill out the Traveler Vaccine Screening Form (PDF) or complete the online Traveler Vaccine Screening form.  The PDF form will need to be filled out and given to Jackson County Public Health Immunization Clinic at least one month prior to foreign travel.  You can drop the from off at 140 South Holly St. Medford OR. or email it to  
  2. A Registered Nurse will review the screening form to prepare for the foreign travel vaccination consultation appointment.
  3. After the Registered Nurse reviews the form, Jackson County Public Health will contact the traveler(s) to schedule a consultation appointment.
  4. Routine vaccinations can be offered on the same day as the  consultation appointment.
  5. All foreign travel vaccinations will require a second appointment.
  6. Medication to prevent malaria is not prescribed by Jackson County Public Health.
Note: Some vaccinations require a series of two dosed divided by several weeks to one month of time. Other vaccinations are only one dose and are good for a number of years or for a lifetime. Please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further information on vaccination schedules.

Immunization LocationJackson County Public Health

140 S. Holly Street
Medford, Oregon  97501 

Immunization ScheduleFor more information on vaccination, medication and advice for your foreign travel, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention