Meet Our Staff

  • Nurse Home Visitor - Babies First! and CaCoon

Adrienne Dalmon RN, BSN

Adrienne has had extensive experience nursing since 2002. She enjoys helping her clients and their children, speaks English, French and Spanish, and in her free time she enjoys walks, spending time with family and studying Spanish. Read More
  • Nurse Home Visitor - Babies First! and CaCoon

Chellie Stoffel RN, BSN, NCSN, MSN

As a long time community health nurse accessing needed services for families in challenging situations has always been rewarding. Chellie enjoys seeing positive changes that families make for themselves. Read More
  • Supervisor

Erin Norton RN, BSN, MBA

Erin has been a registered nurse since 2000. She loves caring for new and expectant families and as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, enjoys providing breastfeeding support and education. Read More
  • Nurse Home Visitor - Nurse-Family Partnership

Justin Garret, RN

Justin worked in a NICU for 17 years acquiring skills in educating families about infant safety, development, and more. He is excited to help new mothers and families navigate their new responsibilities as they strive to realize their potential.

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  • Nurse Home Visitor - Nurse-Family Partnership

Kay Carrieri RN, BSN, MA in counseling

Kay has been a Community Health Nurse since 2009. Her passion is supporting new families, and she believes learning to advocate for one's own heart's desires and personal needs sets the stage for a new parent to do so for their children. Read More
  • Community Outreach Coordinator

Kelsey Bell-Bechtol

Kelsey was born and raised in Southern Oregon, and you may often find her out in the community singing the praises of the Nurse Home Visiting Programs. She has a passion for new parents and children and loves advocating for clients. Read More
  • Nurse Home Visitor - Nurse-Family Partnership

Kim Kolding RN, BSN

Kim enjoys being a witness to the birth of a family and supporting them until the infant is 2 years old. She was a labor nurse for 20 years, is married and has a dog and a cat. They are living their best life on 20 acres. Read More
  • Office Assistant

Nicky Beck

Nicky works behind the scenes for each of the programs for Maternal and Family Child Health. She works diligently to ensure all the nurses have what they need to provide the best for our families and children. Read More
  • Nurse Home Visitor - Nurse-Family Partnership

Sandy Hammond RN, BSN

Sandy has felt called to public health since she was in nursing school over a decade ago. She feels strongly about advocating for clients and helping them be the best versions of themselves. When not working, you'll find her loving on her dogs. Read More
  • Nurse Home Visitor - CaCoon and Nurse-Family Partnership

Tasha Ching RN, BSN

Tasha works in the CaCoon and Nurse Family Partnership programs. She was a NICU nurse for over 25 years before switching to public health. She enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and navigate the unique challenges they may face. Read More