Nurse Family Partnership (NFP)

family-nurse-picsNurse Family Partnership (NFP) is an evidence-based program which is supported by 40 years of research and provides services to families nationwide.  It was originally geared towards first time parents, but has since evolved to serve families who meet the enrollment criteria (described further below).  

Jackson County Nurse Family Partnership supports parents in the community by providing a specially trained nurse beginning in pregnancy and throughout the first two years of that child’s life at no cost to you. Upon enrollment, your nurse will visit with you based on your availability and provide support, assistance and education as you navigate the transition of expanding your family during this changing time!

What can you expect?Your nurse will help you work towards:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child
  • Becoming the parent you want to be
  • Building a strong network of support for you and your child
  • Assisting you in developing a safe home environment for your child to play and explore
  • Exploring goals for your family’s future and finding ways to help you achieve them
  • Connecting you with resources to support you in navigating any obstacles that may come your way
Your nurse will also be able to provide additional support with: 

  • Answering any questions or concerns that may arise during your pregnancy and parenting journey
  • Sharing information about what to expect as your child grows and develops
  • Providing lactation and infant/toddler feeding support
  • Sharing ways to play and interact with your growing child to support and enhance their growth and development

family-nurse1What are the Enrollment Criteria?
Nurse Family Partnership is a free program for people who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Qualify for OHP or WIC (based on income)
  • Live in Jackson County Oregon
Complete this Online Referral Form and an RN will contact you to discuss the program.