WIC Nutrition Classes

Nutrition education is the cornerstone of the WIC Program. We are proud to offer participants a variety of options to meet their unique nutritional needs.

Anytime Classes 
Complete your online nutrition education requirement at your convenience, anytime 24/7. WIC offers online nutrition education on a variety of topics to help keep you and your growing family healthy. Visit www.wichealth.org. To log in, you'll need your 8-digit WIC family ID number (located on the back of your eWIC shopping card) and agency name (Jackson  County) to get started. For more information , visit How to take a WIC Health Nutrition Class

Pregnancy is a great time to learn about breastfeeding. WIC can help you get ready to breastfeed and support you along the way. We work with you to meet your goals for feeding your baby. Our breastfeeding class is taught by Certified Lactation Educators and is available in both English and Spanish. Call or text 541-774-8203 to sign up for one of our monthly breastfeeding classes.  

Postpartum Fitness
Bring your baby and move your body in a postpartum workout that can help relieve stress and boost overall health.  This is the perfect class for moms and babies up to 4 months postpartum. Engage is diaphragmatic breathing exercises, postpartum core exercise and light bodyweight exercise.  This class is taught at 3:30pm on the 1st Wednesday of the month. Call or text 541-774-8203 to sign up for a class time.  

Infant Massage
Jackson County WIC is excited to provide our popular infant massage class virtually! This is a great opportunity to cuddle with your newborn and learn about the many benefits of infant massage.