About Us

We are currently seeing clients on an appointment only basis, Monday through Friday. This is to ensure adequate time is being spent with every veteran and their claim.
We can assist the veteran or family member with applying for benefits through the Federal VA. This includes service-connected disabilities, non-service-connected pensions, aid and attendance, healthcare applications, education, and appeals. We can also assist in ordering service records and DD-214 separation documents. All benefits applied for must meet the legal requirements under Title 38 of federal law. The merits of every case are uniquely different, and we can help with building the best possible claim. We can also help determine if you may be eligible for a given benefit.
If you have a time sensitive issue, please let us know so we can schedule you to avoid missing any deadlines. Time sensitive issues would include Statements of the Case (SOC), Supplemental Statements of the Case (SSOC), and overpayments. Call our office at the number indicated above to schedule an appointment. You may still drop off paperwork that was requested by the service officer, complete changes of address, or request records and VA Eligibility Letters at any time. Please be aware that we are not employees of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), but employees of Jackson County. All services provided to veteran residents of Jackson County are and always will be free of charge.