Veterans Benefits

Veterans, their families and their survivors may be eligible for federal and state benefits. Below is a summary of the types of benefits available. Please note that not all veterans may qualify for all benefits.
Federal Benefits
Monthly payment for service-incurred or service aggravated disabilities.

Dependents’ Medical Benefits
Wives and children of veterans with 100% service-connected disability, whether living or deceased, may be eligible for medical services and supplies from CHAMPVA.
Monthly benefits with rates offset by other income for permanent and total disabilities not incurred in service. 
Education for Dependents
College or vocational benefits for spouses and children of certain veterans that have a 100% service-connected disability rating.
Education for Veterans
Monthly G.I. Bill benefits for college, vocational, and apprenticeship training for eligible veterans. Vocational Rehabilitation program for veterans with service-connected disabilities.
GI Insurance
Special GI insurance for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Also, conversion, beneficiary changes, policy loans, dividends, and new insurance additions.
GI Loans
Guaranteed home loans with low down payment for veterans. Applies also to mobile homes. There is no deadline for using this benefit.
Hospital Care
Priority for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Also available to veterans without service-connected conditions.
Housebound and Aid and Attendance
Special additional benefits for seriously disabled pensioners and those requiring nursing home, foster home or special in-home care, or for service-connected veterans if needed for their service-connected disability.
Outpatient Care
Doctor visits and medicines for service-connected disabilities, and for all conditions for veterans with service-connected disability ratings of 50% or more. Also, for veterans entitled to additional pension as housebound or in need of aid and attendance.

Oregon Benefits
Home loans, education, fishing licenses, license plates and many other benefits are available to eligible veterans and their qualifying family members. Our Veteran Service Officers will be happy to describe these benefits in detail as well as assist you in obtaining them. Please contact our office for further information at (541) 774-8214. You may also visit the Oregon Benefits and Programs page to learn more.   

Scholarships and tuition assistance for eligible veterans and their families.

Free hunting and angling license, and free camping pass for service-connected disabled veterans.  

Veteran Property Tax Exemption
Grants an exemption to qualified disabled veterans with a disability rating of 40 percent or greater. 

Emergency Benefits
Drop-in centers, employment opportunities for homeless veterans, financial assistance, HUD-VASH Voucher Program, Stand Downs, and the Transitional Residence Program.

License Plates
Veterans, disabled veterans, and qualifying family members can request a specialty license plate and choose from several available plate styles. 

Long-Term Care
Skilled nursing and home care, respite care, financial services and representation.