Report Issues & Contacts

GreenwayReportIssueReporting an IssueTo report a maintenance concern, please see the contacts below for the appropriate jurisdiction. If you're unsure of the jurisdiction, or to report a general concern about the trail, contact Jackson County Parks at (541) 774-8183. To report a significant issue (i.e., a tree down across the trail) during non-business hours, or to report non-emergency concerns about real-time violations of Greenway rules, contact law enforcement at (541) 776-7206.

Contact Information by Greenway SectionsAshland Dog Park to South Valley View
City of Ashland (541) 488-5340

South Valley View to "Welcome to Talent" Sign (just north of Milepost 11.5)
Jackson County (541) 774-8183

"Welcome to Talent" Sign (just north of Milepost 11.5) to Suncrest Road
City of Talent (541) 535-3828

Suncrest Road to Anderson Creek Bridge
Jackson County (541) 774-8183

Anderson Creek Bridge to Fern Valley Road
City of Phoenix (541) 535-2226

Fern Valley Road to Glenwood Road (just north of Milepost 17.25)
Jackson County (541) 774-8183

Glenwood Road (just north of Milepost 17.25) to Table Rock Road 
City of Medford (541) 774-2400

Table Rock Road to Pine Street
City of Central Point(541) 664-3321

Pine Street to Dean Creek Frontage Road
Jackson County (541) 774-8183