Southern Oregon Cooperative Agreement

In 2012, Jackson County created the Southern Oregon Cooperative Intergovernmental Agreement For Equipment And Services to improve and increase the cooperative work that Roads, Parks, and Public Works agencies are able to perform together. This written agreement, which is adopted once and has no end date, allows the participating agencies to work together by utilizing the resources of each other on an as-needed basis. The coordination is easily handled by the managers involved and the necessary billing/payment processes are handled as normal once per month.

One of the big benefits of this agreement is the quick and responsive way organizations can work together to accomplish a needed project - no more delays due to paperwork which can sometimes require so much time that the window of opportunity closes. This can be especially beneficial during emergencies.

If your agency qualifies to participate and you are interested in learning more, please contact our office as well as take a look at the documents here including the actual SOC-IGA agreement and a current directory of participating agencies. Let's work together better and more easily than ever before!