About Us

OverviewWhether you live in a city or in urban or rural Jackson County, you receive a wide variety of services from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. In the urban or rural unincorporated areas, deputies are the primary first responders when you call 911.

Jackson County spans over 2,802 square miles with a population of over 206,000 people.  The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for law enforcement in the unincorporated areas of the county, one law enforcement district in White City, and two contract cities in Shady Cove and Gold Hill.  The sheriff's office also provides security to the courthouse and oversees the Jackson County Jail.

People living in Jackson County are protected by dozens of resources, programs, emergency equipment, and highly-trained law enforcement officers.  The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office prides itself in making sure its office is prepared for all ranges of emergencies and is able to respond within a moment’s notice.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office leads and participates in many inter-agency teams that are well-equipped and trained to deal with incidents that pose a high risk to public safety, such as hostage situations, barricaded suspects, drug trafficking, search and rescue, and gang enforcement. The teams ensure highly trained specialists are available whenever needed in any part of the county.

You can be proud of the services you receive from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office. We are working hard every day to provide the most competent, courteous and effective law enforcement services in the country.

Mission StatementServing our Community through values-oriented law enforcement:

Character, Competence, Courage, Compassion