Personal Property

Personal Property and Releasing Adult in Custody (AIC) MoneyTobacco, clothing, health or hygiene articles, and other items are not accepted for AICs at the jail. AICs are provided with clothing, bedding, towels, and a health/hygiene kit when they are booked into the facility.

Money will only be released within the first 48 hours of an AIC's arrival at the jail and funds will be released in the form of a check. After that time period, no money will be released from their account except to assist in posting bail.

The only personal property that may be released are keys. All other property will be held until the AIC's release. Clothing may not be released.

DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS (PRISON) PERSONAL PROPERTY PROHIBITION:The Department of Correction's rules prohibit AICs from possessing personal property unless prior authorization is obtained. Virtually all personal property (extra clothing, driver's license, watches, rings, books, magazines, etc.) must be discarded or mailed at the AIC’s expense, out of the institution immediately upon their arrival.

When AICs are sent to the Department of Corrections, they may choose to leave their property at the jail with a signed release form. It is then the responsibility of the AIC to contact the named recipient to pick up the property. Property is held for 72 hours before considered abandoned.

FEDERAL AIC PROPERTY:The United States Marshal’s Service (USMS) has set AIC property control guidelines which parallel those of the Bureau of Prisons in order to minimize USMS and personal liability for lost property and to reduce handling requirements during AIC transfers.

Personal property left in the Jackson County Jail for more than 72 hours will be considered abandoned and will be disposed of in accordance with policy and Oregon law.