Posting of Bail/Release Procedures/Court

RELEASE INFORMATIONThere are several ways to be released from jail prior to trial. These include:

1. Bail - 10% of your full bail.  You may post bail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Monday through Friday from 8:00 am through 4:00 pm, bail must be posted at Jackson County Circuit Court which is located at 100 S. Oakdale, Medford, Oregon.  After hours bail can be posted using the kiosk in the jail lobby or using the secure website at  Cash, debit and credit cards are accepted when using the jail lobby kiosk.  Personal checks are not acceptable unless written by a local Attorney on their Client Trust Account.

2. Medford Municipal Charges - If the charges are through Medford Municipal Court, bail must be posted at the Municipal Court during business hours (8:00am 4:30). Otherwise, bail can be posted at the jail after hours.

3. Release on Own Recognizance - The court may release you on your promise to appear.

4. Bank Transfers (wire) of funds for bail. This process can take up to three (3) working days to complete. For information about this process you may call the State court at (541) 776-7171 ext. 156. They will not accept collect calls.

5. Dismissed or not filed - The charges may be dismissed or not filed by the District Attorney's Office.

Upon completion of all required court appearances, any bail money (less 15% court fees) not used for fines, fees or assessments will be returned to you, unless the court is owed money on any prior cases. Application for refund must be made to the Clerk of the Court, not the jail.

COURTArraignment normally occurs at 1:30 p.m. the next scheduled court day after arrest.  Arraignments occur in the Justice building located at 100 S. Oakdale Ave, in Medford, Oregon.

Medford Municipal Court is held via video arraignment.