Telephone Access

Social calls to inmates will not be accepted, nor will incoming messages be relayed to Adults in Custody (AIC).

AICs are provided with collect-call-only telephones in the housing areas and may call out only during prescribed hours.

Please be advised that if you choose to accept a call from an AIC housed in the Jackson County Jail, the telephone company will charge you for the cost of the call. Calls may be monitored by jail staff and terminated at any time.

To set up a pre-paid phone account, visit Connect Network | Connecting you with incarcerated loved ones.

If you are receiving unwanted calls or attempted calls from AICs, you may contact jail staff at 541-774-6872 and request that a block be placed on your phone number.

* Note: once a block is placed on your number, that block will not be removed during the next year.

Commonly requested phone numbers:
  • Ashland Police Department: (541) 482-5211
  • Community Justice (Parole/Probation): (541) 774-4900
  • Community Justice Work Center: (541) 774-4911
  • District Attorney’s Office: (541) 774-8181
  • Eagle Point Police Department: (541) 826-9171
  • Gold Hill Police Department: (541) 855-1525
  • Jackson County Circuit Court: (541) 776-7171
  • Jackson County Juvenile Department: (541) 774-4800
  • Josephine County Jail: (541) 474-5130
  • Medford Police Department: (541) 774-2250
  • Oregon State Police Department: (541) 776-6111
  • Phoenix Police Department: (541) 535-1113
  • Public Defenders Office: (541) 779-5636
  • Talent Police Department: (541) 535-1253
  • Rogue River Police Department: (541) 582-4402