Crime Prevention Cards

County theft cards-resize477x236A new crime prevention program uses specially designed cards to help people recognize unsafe situations. If you receive a card - possibly on your car windshield or at your front door - it means a deputy has noticed an opportunity for you to be victimized and they weren't able to get in touch with you to fix it right away.

Examples of situations when a card may be used include:

  • An open window or unlocked car door
  • A purse or other valuables left in view inside your car
  • A garage door left open at night
  • A bicycle left unsecured
If you receive a crime prevention card, you don't need to give us a call - just think about what you can do to make your surroundings more safe. Safety tips are also available on our website. If you have questions, you can call dispatch at (541) 776-7206 and ask to speak to a deputy.

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