Disability Parking Enforcement Volunteers

handicap-parkingThe Disability Parking Enforcement Program originated with the Oregon State Police, and then started being overseen by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in June of 2002. Appointed under O.R.S. 811.632, these volunteers patrol our cities and rural areas for violations and misuse of parking spaces reserved for those individuals with disabilities. The enforcement of these statutes ensures that people who have mobility challenges will be able to have an easily-accessible place to park.

For information on who qualifies for a Disability Person Parking Permit, please go to http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV/pages/driverid/disparking.aspx

The individuals who generously volunteer their time to this program come from former law enforcement careers and from local private sector businesses; from locations all over the United States. They have served in the Navy, the Marines, the Air National Guard, or donated their time overseas in parochial venues. Many have been with the Disability Parking Enforcement from the days when it was still with the Oregon State Police. They are a talented, devoted set of people who assist the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office not only through parking enforcement, but through checking in attendees to court-mandated classes, assisting with public education, going on court runs for the agency and setting up the radar reader board. Their skills and abilities are an asset to the sheriff’s office in many ways.

How about joining this team?As a member of our Disability Parking Enforcement Team, you will be sworn and have the ability to enforce handicap parking violations. Our program offers a variety of areas where you can assist, educate and serve the citizens of Jackson County. The following is a sampling of those opportunities:

• Enforce limited parking violations as provided by ORS 811.632
• Position the Radar Reader Board in high traffic locations to display vehicle speed
• Client check-in and security at court-mandated traffic diversion classes
• Traffic control at various Jackson County events
• Assist the Jackson County Clerk with ballot collection and transport from drop boxes
• Assist other divisions within the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office

Thank you for your interest in our program and we hope you will volunteer to be a member of our team. If you are interested, you may complete an Online Volunteer Application.  Or, you can print and complete a Volunteer Application Form and mail or drop off to:

Jackson County Sheriff’s Office
Attn. Disability Parking
5179 Crater Lake Hwy.
Central Point, OR 97502

If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 541-864-8762.