Property Crime

crime-sceneYou know the feeling.  You go out to putter in the yard, and discover that someone has spray painted your beautiful new retaining wall.  You suddenly realize your wallet is missing.  Your car is no longer in the driveway.  . . . You are an innocent victim.
Property crimes like theft, burglary, and criminal mischief can take a toll on a community.  After all, your privacy has been invaded by complete strangers.
The deputies and detectives at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office understand those feelings and they believe that criminals should be held accountable.  So whether your precious jewelry, your "man" tools, or a classic car are stolen, we will exhaust all leads.  We also work with the property and evidence clerks to return as much recovered property as possible to its lawful owners.
While we hope you will engrave or otherwise indelibly mark all your valuables, we know that crime can happen anyway.  Your first step is to always file a police report to record all missing items or property damage.  When we recover items, we look for identifying markers and research databases in the area to discover if they have been reported stolen.