Volunteer Programs

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is proud to have the support of a talented group of citizens who make up our volunteer forces. All of our volunteers are people with specialized skills.

Volunteers also participate in community events and fairs, in both cities and unincorporated areas of Jackson County. 

Volunteer Application

Jackson County Sheriff’s - Search and RescueSAR Volunteer Application - PDF

SAR Volunteer Online Application

Search and Rescue (SAR) team members are volunteers, not sworn peace officers. SAR teams are deployed to a number of different types of search and rescue situations, such as looking for lost or missing people or evidence in major criminal cases. They may also help to provide traffic control at events throughout Jackson County. As part of the mutual aid system, the Sheriff’s volunteer forces are available twenty-four hours a day for deployment in Oregon and northern California. Many of the unit members are certified in emergency medical response and assist the Sheriff's Office with providing services to the citizens of Jackson County.

SAR conducts regular training among its volunteer members to ensure that they are able to respond when the Sheriff’s Office and other area law enforcement need their help. This required training is intensive and multi-disciplinary, requiring skill in topographical analysis and navigation.

If you are interested in learning more about Search and Rescue, please contact 541-864-8830.

Jackson County Disability Parking Enforcement VolunteersThe Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of its Disability Parking Enforcement volunteers. These selfless individuals are actually sworn officers under the Oregon Revised Statutes that govern Disability Parking Enforcement. Yet while enforcement is a part of their duties, education is primary. Often our Disability Parking Volunteers would rather educate the public on awareness of the laws regarding disability parking than give out a citation.

Other services provided by the Sheriff’s Office Disability Parking Enforcement Volunteers include check-in and security during court mandated classes, placement of the radar reader board, serving subpoenas, court runs, and assisting at special events.

General Volunteerism

We also have opportunities to volunteer in a more traditional office setting. Some of our volunteers assist within clerical duties at our main office and the jail. Activities could include fingerprinting, scanning, filing, or even the service of civil papers.

If you would like more information on the Disabled Parking Enforcement Program or becoming a general volunteer. You can also contact the Traffic Program Office at 541-774-6809 or pick up an application at 5179 Crater Lake Hwy Central Point, OR 97502.