Greenway Volunteers Highlights Strength in Our Community


img-greenway1-250-350-p-L-97The aerial seeding that took place along the Bear Creek Greenway recently was protected this past weekend by hundreds of volunteers showing strength in numbers and community. An amazing and astounding 100-125 volunteers of all ages showed up each day ready to work.

Volunteers were spreading straw over the seeding previously applied by helicopter to assist with better germination rates. Additionally, in the areas helicopters could not reach by air, the volunteers went on foot. They hand-seeded these areas and then protect those areas with an overlay of straw. 

“We want to acknowledge and thank each volunteer who exemplified being Jackson County strong,” shares Emergency Operations team member Steve Lambert.”  

The work this past weekend was focused in the Talent and Phoenix area.  Additional work is needed across the fire area and volunteers are needed. For future volunteer opportunities, please contact Jackson County Parks Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Amposta by emailing

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