Jackson County Human Service Grants

RFP & Bids Notice

Jackson County will be accepting proposals beginning 1/29/24 from qualified, experienced contractors who can provide reliable community-based services focusing on safety net services for children, the elderly, and support services for abused persons. Safety net services are defined as: Programs that provide critical unmet needs to vulnerable individuals and families in Jackson County. The selection of any contractor, shall be made on the “best value” basis considering such factors as impact on the community, experience, accreditation, and costs. Other factors to be considered may include but are not limited to quality, quantity, service, compatibility, product reliability, operating efficiency, expansion potential, time and performance. Award amount is dependent on available funding.

The RFP packet may be obtained by submitting on the county’s web page at www.jacksoncountyor.gov beginning on January 29, 2024, the deadline for proposals pursuant to the RFP is 5:00 pm (PDT) on February 23, 2024.