Current Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan)

Regional Plan Element Listed below are the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan Elements (Exhibit 2) amended by Board of Commissioners Ordinance Numbers:  2004-1; 2006-3.

Ordinance No. 2004-1 was approved on January 12, 2004; and became effective March 12, 2004. Ordinance No. 2006-3 was adopted 5-31-06 and became effective 7-30-06.

The Jackson County Comprehensive Plan is the official long-range land use policy document for Jackson County. The plan sets forth general land use planning policies and allocates land uses into resource, residential, commercial and industrial categories. The plan serves as the basis for the coordinated development of physical resources, and the development or redevelopment of the county based on physical, social, economic and environmental factors.

As required by state law, the county's Comprehensive Plan has been developed in accordance with the Statewide Planning Goals adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC). These Statewide Planning Goals provide basic planning direction and establish the framework for planning programs of all governmental agencies and bodies in the state and county. The Jackson County Comprehensive Plan addresses each of the 14 applicable Statewide Planning Goals, as well as local goals, and contains policies and implementation strategies aimed at compliance with these goals.

Each component/element is available below in printable format for your convenience.  The Transportation Element 22 was replaced with the Jackson County Transportation System Plan (TSP) through the adoption of Ordinance 2005-3 on March 16, 2005. An amendment to the TSP occurred on March 29, 2017 with Ordinance 2017-5. The most recent iteration of th TSP was adopted with Ordinance 2023-2 on April 5, 2023.