National Work Zone Awareness Week - April 15-19, 2024

Work Zone Safety ImageHelp us recognize National Work Zone Awareness Week!

The management of roads naturally requires times of maintenance and construction, and when maintenance and constructions happens they require working in the roadway.  As you can likely guess, working in the roadway is hazardous.  But did you know it is hazardous for everyone in the work zone?  Not just the maintenance and construction workers, but also the motorists, the bicyclists, and the pedestrians.

Part of the challenge of work zones is simply they are not the regular setup.  Drivers are used to the normal way a road works – you stop at the stop signs or signals, you slow down for the corners, you speed up in the straight sections, and hopefully you watch for kids near schools and pedestrians in neighborhoods (as well as other places).  All this to say, we have our routines.

And then comes a construction work zone and it changes the routine!  All of a sudden we are stopping in straight sections of road, driving in opposite lanes, driving really slow (hopefully), and there is equipment and people everywhere.

This is where awareness of work zones is so critical for safety.  To help spread the word, we are highlighting National Work Zone Awareness Week – April 15-19, 2024.  And while we want you to careful in work zones during this week in April, the reality is we want you to be careful in a work zone at any time, any week, any year.

What are some of the key points of work zone safety?

  • Avoid Distractions
  • Read the Signs
  • Obey Posted Speeds
  • Be Prepared for Sudden Stops
  • Be Careful Around Large Vehicles

As mentioned above, work zone crashes affect everyone.  Most injuries and fatalities impact the people driving through the work zone.  So, follow the key points above, watch out for workers, and get through the work zone safely.  Then you’ll be on your way to get to your destination.Flagger Ahead Sign

More information can be found at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration’s webpage - .  There you will find a lot of good information on road safety, vehicle safety, and more.  Also, National Work Zone Awareness Week information can be found at  Let's continue to work together to keep our work zones safe, not only on county roads, but also on city streets and state highways - our partners with Cities and ODOT will appreciate it too!