Rogue Elk Park Taking Steps to Reduce Water


Due to issues with the potable water well at Jackson County’s Rogue Elk Park in Trail, the Jackson County Parks Program will be making a few changes this summer.   

After consultation with the Oregon Health Authority in December, it was determined that the well that serves the park was in need of attention due to water quality concerns. As a result, the well was recently reconstructed to current state standards and drilled to a depth of nearly 500’ in an effort to supply drinking water. Following completion, the well does not produce enough water to maintain all amenities at the park. 

“Due to low well production, staff has closed the showers at the park and is capping off the hose bibs at individual RV sites. Campers will still have use of sinks and flush toilets in the campground, but should be prepared before arrival and fill their RV potable water tanks if they need water at their RV. They will not be able to connect at the park as they may be used to,” says Steve Lambert, Roads and Parks Director. RV sites will still have use of electrical hookups.

Jackson County Parks is hoping that these changes will result in reduced demand on the well temporarily and the agency will be exploring more permanent fixes in the Fall, after the busy summer season. “Providing safe, reliable drinking water for our guests is one of the top priorities in our park system. Unfortunately, sometimes when you work on a well, it doesn’t always end up how you wish it would. We will evaluate our options moving forward,” says Lambert.